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Alec Sithong has a passion for senior living that strives to implement culture change and appropriate environments for the aging population. With his past experience in hospitality, healthcare, DoD, and VA he is able to create unique living experiences for the senior environments. His focus is on designing vibrant and active living communities in promoting health and wellness through the engagement of developers, operators, management, staff and ultimately the residents. He provides the latest strategies and ideas for creating not only attractive, functional, livable “home-like” environments but “outside the box thinking” methodologies. His recent experiences include assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing in both neighborhood household and small house models.


He creates learning opportunities for his clients and local community by providing educational sessions and workshops with other healthcare experts to provide the latest innovative practices and resources in the long-term and resident care settings. These organizations include SAGE Federation, Pioneer Network, Aging in Place, YMCA senior alliance, etc. As current vice president of SAGE (society for the advancement of gerentological environments) he is part of a major long term care publication, Environments for Aging, that assist in an annual review of newly built projects. He is able to see the most current trends in senior living and share resources and alliances with the community.


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